Crockwell is situated in stunning rural surroundings at the centre of a working farm. In order to preserve the countryside around us, and further, we are dedicated to minimising our impact on the environment.

Solar Panels

In 2012, we installed a 50 KW system including replacing one roof with an integrated solar roof – generating enough power to cover the wedding venue’s basic energy needs throughout the summer months and also contributing significantly in winter.

Biomass Boiler

In 2014 we installed a biomass boiler which burns wood chip in order to heat the marquees. This heat will eventually be used to dry grain from the farm, further reducing our use of oil.

Three-Day Use

Offering exclusive use over three days means a less frequent change-over both for the venue and our nine bedrooms. This means our bed linen and towels are used for a weekend, not just one day while having less weddings per week results in lower energy usage.

Energy Saving

We use low energy light bulbs wherever possible throughout the venue, which are also in many cases on timers meaning they are less likely to be left on when not needed.

Local suppliers, local produce

In order to reduce carbon emissions from vehicles, and look after the small businesses around us, we use local suppliers and tradesmen wherever possible.

This includes our caterers, the Chopping Block. Based only 10 miles from Crockwell in Flecknoe, the Chopping Block are butchers as well as caterers – so all of their meat is locally sourced and fresh. Their veg is also always seasonal and often grown nearby. The eggs we use for breakfasts are free-range and come from a local farmer in Maidford, mushrooms from Richard in Moreton Pinkney (pictured) 2 miles away while the Chopping Block provide good quality bacon & sausages.


Wedding guests are welcome to camp here at the farm overnight, saving fuel on driving to a hotel or B&B.